Building a funding stream for charity in Nepal

Minas Dream





My dream has always been to work on my organisation Education & Health Nepal full time but I can’t do this until i know i have developed a funding stream to do this as well as support my family. Because family must come first when you become a husband and a father and then what is left over can be used to help others. And because I want EHN to be an organisation that spends the majority of the funds raised on projects and not on staff, offices and bonuses etc I need to think long term on how we are going to fund our work.

So currently I returned to the UK to work fulltime and support EHN from here through building an online presence and network of supporters for our work in Nepal through volunteering. But it’s always been a dream of mine to build a way of funding this work through using what the country has to offer the world and not throwing charity at people.  Because for anyone who has lived among the Nepali will know they are a proud people and do not require charity but help in discovering a way to improve their own lives.

So once we have built Minas Dream, named after my lovely Nepali wife Mina we aim to return to Nepal to live for the rest of our lives and dedicate the rest of our lives into helping to improve the levels of education & health in Nepal. And we will do this by using what this great country has to offer the world to help its people. Because if we can fund our work through this then all of the volunteer fees can be used to improve other parts of the rural schools helping them to plan for long term.  And by doing this we should be able to make lasting improvements for generations to come.