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One of the main reasons I have decided to give a section of this website to help the district of Pothani is because on my very first trip to Nepal I was lucky enough to have been sent to a small village there called Ganganagar. It’s a village at the end of a track made up of 11 houses around ½ miles away from the Rapti River that is the border to the Chitwan national park.


The district itself is very flat and around 150 metres above sea level making it ideal to growing for the smallholdings that make up the majority of the land here. Because here most of the families own small plots of land where they grow their own food to supplement any income they have. It’s also an area like many in Nepal where the educated have a habit to move to the towns to further their education & the poorly educated find low paying jobs in the Middle East. The natural beauty of the flat countryside is contrasted with the majestic beauty of the Himalayas which can be seen on a clear day. It’s a rich fertile area where most things will grow making it an ideal area for rice growing . And being sub-tropical

provides everyone with over 300 days of sunshine a year only taking a break when the annual monsoons arrive in early summer. The area itself is centred on the main city of Narayanghat & from here you can reach East & West Nepal along the highway as well as Kathmandu within a few hours. Not the nicest of cities due to the climate & pollution but like Kathmandu it’s somewhere you have to enter in order to reach your final destination.


Just a few miles the other side of Narayanghat you come to the world famous Chitwan national park allowing you the visitor chance to experience elephant riding, jungle safari & canoeing down the river in dugout canoes in search of crocodile’s that bask in the sunshine. Add this to the chance to view the one horned rhino in its own habitat as well as hundreds of other natural species it is a place to escape into natural surroundings away from the everyday stresses of life. The main tourist hub of the area is a small village district called Sauraha but over the last few years it’s grown from a scenic rural village to a mini city offering everything Kathmandu does.

So if you’re looking to experience rural Nepal, peace, tranquillity & picturesque villages why not try Pothani where there are a few hotels, lodges & guesthouses catering for the international visitor.

So if you are interested in visiting a fresh tourist district that is slowly becoming popular then why not give it a try.


Elephant safari is just one of the things to do

Wander through traditional villages

If your planning to visit Nepal in the future then why not consider coming through our organisation & help support our projects across the country.