Building a funding stream for charity in Nepal

Minas Dream

1. A common sight along the trail. 1. All these little villages are made up of trekking lodges. 1. Its a hard life surviving up in these mountains Everest Region Langtang Region Annapurna region

Because of our love for Nepal and its people it’s been my dream to build a charity to help those there who are less fortunate. And I have been fortunate to have lived among the Nepali as part of the family & not as an outsider or guest. Which has allowed me to visit areas away from the tourist areas, meet typical rural Nepali & see some amazing country? And because of this the charity work that our organization does is related to rural areas & in the fields of education & Health.

At this present time we fund this work through mainly using some of the volunteer fees that we charge when placing volunteers in various projects. But as we only charge £12 a day and give over half of this to the homestay & projects it doesn’t leave us with a lot of capital to fund our work.

We do accept donations but we don’t want to rely on these so its belief that we should use what Nepal has to offer the world to raise the necessary money to fund our work. And the best way to do this is to work together with several trekking companies interested in supporting our work. These companies are fully registered to offer a variety of treks across Nepal with highly experienced guides. And they will support our work by paying a commission for each trekker that comes through us. There are other NGO`s who do this but our plan is to work in a different way because every person who comes through us will get the chance to come & see our work as well as meeting the team. Thus allowing you the chance to see the work you are supporting.

Thousands of people come trekking in Nepal every year so if we can recruit between 100 & 200 per year we can build a funding stream & support EHN an organisation a funded one allowing us to use expand and fund other work.

More details press here for the link to application or more information.

If your planning to visit Nepal in the future then why not consider coming through our organisation & help support our projects across the country.