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Supporting the Koirala Kaesler Foundation

Droplets of sunshine fall through the overhead canopy of leaves and branches, creating a dappled carpet on which to walk. Silence reigns, apart from the hum of insects and the many varied calls of birds, both large and small. The incessant hum of city traffic has faded into oblivion and life seems to be on-hold as we stand immobile and silent in a small clearing in the jungle. There is an overwhelming sense of remotenesss,


We are in the Shivapuri National Park, a mere 25 km north of the bustling city of Kathmandu, and situated on the slopes of the Himalayan foothills. Since leaving the important Narayanthan Temple in Budhanilkantha some 30 minutes ago, we have followed the winding path ever upwards on the easy trek to our destination: The village of Dada Guan in the midst of the forest at an elevation of 2000 m

Finally, after about one hour’s trek, we emerge from the forest to the warm welcome of ‘Didi’, our host for the last and perhaps most enjoyable part of our ‘Temple, Trek and Taste’ programme, which is to cook yourself a meal Nepali fashion under the guidance of Didi!!


Is this You ? !


We organise and arrange regular visits to the village of Dada Gau and Didi’s home, as the culmination of our unique programme: ‘Temple, Trek and Taste’ departing from the renowned ‘Narayanthan Temple’ (Sleeping Vishnu) in Budhanilkantha. Sleeping Vishnu After an informative tour of the temple complex, your guide will lead you uphill on an approximately one hour trek through lush, temperate jungle. We eventually emerge from the jungle and enter the village of Dada Gaun and the warm welcome of Didi, accompanied by our growing pangs of hunger after the trek! Now the fun begins! Didi invites you into her one-room home to prepare and cook a traditional Nepali Tamung meal under her expert guidance and tutorlege! Knives are sharpened! You and Didi select the vegetables that will be prepared and cooked for your joint midday meal! Herbs and spices are added and a delicious aroma fills the room, enlivening the taste-buds!



Vegetables to be prepared for lunch!


After a delicious vegetarian meal cooked by yourself and either eaten in traditional Nepali manner with your prefered hand, or with a spoon if you desire, it’s time for a hot, sweet cup of chai and a rest, Finally, your guide gently persuades you to arise and set-out once more, down-hill back to Budhanilkantha and the reality of life in the city!



All this will have taken approximately 5 enjoyable hours out of your day! An experience never to be forgotten, at a price that does not break the tight budget. Why not join us? Bring a friend or two or three! The more the merrier and take advantage of the fee reduction for multiple participants (max: 5. No children under the age of 12 years.)


Bookings and further information can be obtained from Lata Koirala, founder of ‘Koirala Kaesler Foundation’ and instigator of this and other programmes, the ultimate aim of which is to assist and support women in-need. The individuals with whom you will interact, are all being supported by your participation in this programme. Lata herself is a mobility challenged young widow. She set-up Koirala-Kaesler Foundation as a living memorial to her recently deceased husband Christian Kaesler (from Germany) who tirelessly worked to bring comfort and hope to the poor and destitute of Nepal.


We thank you for your wonderful support and hope you have an enjoyable experience.


Contact: Lata at (+977) 986 145 2323 or 981 820 2844

Programme times: 10am - 3pm (approx). Tuesdays and Fridays (by appointment)

Fee in USD or CAD; AUD; EUR; GBP; NPR at current exchange rate - Cash payment.

1 person US$60 (incl deposit of US$18)

2 persons US$55 each (US$110) (incl deposit of US$33)

3 persons US$50 each (US$150) (incl Deposit of US$45)

4 or 5 persons US$45 each (US$180 to US$225) (incl deposit of US$54 to US$67.50)

(Max: 5 participants. No children under the age of 12 years).

Participants must be physically fit. Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate those

A 'Temple, Trek & Taste' guest about to serve lunch !!

with mobility challenges.


The trek is graded as ‘easy’ to ‘moderate’. Hiking boots as you wish. Comfortable shoes are adequate. Dress for the seasonal weather. We are at a height of 2000m when we reach our final destionation.


Insurance: Paticipants are required to supply proof of adequate insurance to cover all eventualities. The organiser (Lata Koirla) and associates, do not accpt liability for any medical issues, property losses or Third Party incidents that may occur whilst participating in this programme.


Food: Any food offered is vegetarian. We do not cater for any food allergy or dietetry requirements including gluten free, vegan, etc.

The services of a Guide/Translator, Didi and entrance fees are included in our fee.

Gratuities at participant’s discretion.