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Minas Dream

This is the first resort of the Ganganagar area of Potahani and I am happy to say I was there when Deba was arranging to buy to the land as well seeing the first block being laid. I can still remember saying to Deba that it would never work because its at the end of a track, next to the Rapti river & near the small temple. But he told me that it would be ok and local people would come because it’s a place to meet as well as international people coming through volunteering. And since then every time I have been back in Nepal I have had to visit and see the changes that have taken place. And to


this very day  I am happy to say I have never been so happy to have been proven wrong. Because he built this resort as to do something in Nepal so he could stay with his wife & two daughters so he could be with them as they grow. Proving that with a little imagination & hard work you can achieve your goals.

But to the resort, it’s as I wrote it’s at the end of a track next to the Rapti river thus allowing you some amazing opportunities of seeing wildlife. Its surrounded by small villages who provide the resort with all of the local produce needed to run, providing you with a real chance to see rural Nepali life in its fullest.

This area isn’t a tourist area yet but as Sauraha rapidly turns into a small city I believe this could become the next tourist area of Chitwan. The Rapti river which is the border of the Chitwan national park is within a hundred meters or so but to get to it you must walk through the buffer zone. But from there you can find several viewing points to observe wildlife coming down to drink in the evenings. On top this Deba and his family are happy to arrange elephant safaris, jungle walking and all the other activities that go with such an area.


Staying at the resort you will find that the staff there are very friendly and will help you in any way possible to insure you enjoy your stay. The food is basic offering local delicacies including a great Dhal Bhat as well as some international choices. The Nepali tea is lovely and sweet and there is always beer and coke, fanta sprite in the fridge ready. Making this the ideal base to explore Chitwan in the daytime while returning in the evening to sit round the bar drinking, talking, listening to the sounds of the jungle around and enjoying the Chitwan evening.  So if you are looking to escape from everything for a few days then this is the perfect place for you.


But please note staying in this area can seriously change your life because i did over 10 years ago & the experiences here taought me that you may need money to survive but there are more important things in life as well. Hence it started me down a path that built EHN & Minas Dream as well as being part of helping thousands of people here in Nepal.

Wander through traditional villages

Perfect place for a cold beer

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