Building a funding stream for charity in Nepal

Minas Dream



I was born in the UK in 1970 but my interest in Nepal started when I read the autobiography of Sherpa tensing when I was 12 years old. One day I said I would go there & 20 years later I fulfilled my childhood ambition of trekking to the Everest base camp. And from that day I fell in love with the country and its people which started me down a path that has created a successful NGO & UK charity called Education & Health Nepal. An organisation that has been built by placing international visitor’s in volunteer placements to supporting projects across Nepal. Each year we have grown and grown as an organisation funding our own work as well as building a medical centre and a school in Gorkha.

In this time I have been based in the UK working fulltime to support myself and my wife as well as steering EHN by using the power of the internet. But over the next couple of years both of us really want to go back to Nepal to work but without putting any financial strain on EHN. So in order to do this I want to use the beauty of Nepal to fund myself and my family to live back in Nepal. And we can do this by creating a system of helping international visitors who are interested in coming to Nepal.

Please read our website as well as EHN`s to see the work we have done and are doing & If you would like to get involved then contact me on




Its become my lifes work

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If your planning to visit Nepal in the future then why not consider coming through our organisation & help support our projects across the country.