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Most people come to Nepal to either trek in the Himalayas, volunteer with one of the hundreds of organisations that are set up or to experience a completely different way of life to that at home. Some people like me come because they are looking for something that has been lost in the west through the ever increasing pace of life. The true meaning of life and what we are here on earth to do with our lives because let’s face it how many people are genuinely happy with everything they have?

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It’s difficult because modern culture is to marry, have children, buy a house and work full time until you are ready to retire. All of this creates pressure to earn money, achieve goals and work as hard as you can to acquire all that you need in life.

But like myself a visit to Nepal can seriously change your way of thinking entirely because here in one such homestay I learnt that family & looking after them is more important than everything. By seeing a way of life that is so basic can bring so much joy and the simplest of things will make you laugh & that you can survive by putting the core things first that you need to survive. Food, a place to live and security are all of those with everything else a bonus in life.

Here in a homestay over 10 years ago I first experienced this when I stayed in Nepal for the a few weeks while painting a small temple & quickly got immersed into the culture of rural Nepal including Dashain. Seeing how the people lived here quickly made me realise that here the more you interacted with the family & community the more you are going to enjoy and learn. So I did and to this day I am still part of the family & it’s always the first place I plan to visit when I return to Nepal. Having experienced so many different things in this village over the years has really made me feel that there is more to life than just working.

So if you would like to experience a completely different way of life & are planning to come to Nepal then why not spend a week or two in the village called Ganganagar and enjoy rural Nepal to its best.

My team and I will help you arrange airport pickup, hotels in Kathmandu and transport to get to the village but please arrange paying the homestays with them as it supports local industry which we encourage.

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