Building a funding stream for charity in Nepal

Minas Dream

Charity trekking is big business in many countries because ordinary people are becoming more socially responsible thanks to the internet where they can see what is happening around the world.  Especially when they are planning to come to a country like Nepal & find out so much information about the country itself just at the touch of a button. So unfortunately some of the bigger charities use this to their advantage by creating specific charity treks where the trekker themselves are supposed to raise thousands of pounds (a lot more than the trek itself) to pay for the privilege of trekking for them. And people do even though only a small percentage of the profit will go to the people the charity was set up to help.

Well we are different because of a number of things.

1    I am part of the founding of a small charity called Education & Health Nepal, I work full time in the UK so I actually work as a volunteer for my own charity.


2.  If you trek with us then you will not be expected to raises thousands of pounds but just the normal trekking cost because a % of the profit will be given to our charity. You do have the option to raise funds if you want as extra support.


3.  EHN does not believe in creating a business out of donors & less than 10% of our funds come from this way, the other 90% come from providing volunteering holidays for our projects in Nepal.


4.  Our aim has always been to build a way of funding EHN through using what Nepal has to offer the world, Trekking & tourism because that way jobs are created and people can earn for themselves.


5. In EHN only those who work in Nepal are paid a salary & the person who runs the Nepal operations receives around $4,000 per year.


6. If you trek with us you will get to see where your money is going to be spent with an organisation that puts at least 95% of the funds into the country it was set up to help.


7. We work with a family run Trekking company called Nepal Big Smile trek & travel LTD who are building their company to provide their family a future rather than a company owned by shareholders who just want to get richer.

So if you are interested in trekking by yourself, building a group or just wanting to know more about our work then please use the contact form on this website and we will be happy to provide all the details.

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